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Clients say I am the perfect guide to a more sustainable home because, one, I make it easy and, two, I don’t judge. I won’t look down at you for where you’re starting from, and I won’t be mad if you refuse to give up your favorite shampoo in a plastic bottle. I meet you where you are, and I take you as far as you want to go. 


From working on the policy level at the San Francisco Department of the Environment to transforming the homes of dozens and dozens of families throughout the Bay Area to reaching thousands of people through workshops and media appearances, you can count on the depth and breadth of my knowledge.


But in addition to being an authority on sustainability, I’m also a person people like to be around. I listen, I laugh, I share. 


I do hope you’ll reach out and allow me to be your guide on your journey to a sustainably holistic home.

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