My Story

For six years at San Francisco’s Department of the Environment, I witnessed first-hand just how complicated and nuanced being environmentally conscious and sustainable can be.


For anyone looking to green their home this amounts to a firehose of overwhelming information that leads to confusion and inaction. Not many have the countless hours required to research the products and programs best suited for their goals. They want an expert to talk them through options, in plain English, and assure them that their choices are in fact beneficial.

I am the expert you are looking for. I'm passionate about the environment and an unrelenting optimist. I jump at every opportunity to make the sustainable choice both obvious and easy.


I’ll be more than just your expert. I’ll be your personal guide and implementer to making your environmental aspiration a reality.


“Friday hit the trifecta! She changed over 60 lightbulbs in our home to alleviate energy consumption, reduced our electrical bill, and helped procure a rebate from our energy provider for our hybrid car. Sure, we could have easily changed our lightbulbs, but we haven't, because it's so much more than that. There are different bulbs in every room and who has the time to research, order and change over 60 lightbulbs? Working with Friday is a no-brainer if either energy conservation or your wallet matter.” 

Stacey V. - Los Gatos

“I’m a full-time working mother of two young children. I knew that we used some products that may have contained toxins and that we could probably live in a more environmentally friendly way, but sadly I didn’t have the time or energy to tackle this project. A consultation from Friday was a huge eye-opener. As a result, we made small changes around our house that enable us to live in a healthier way and save a significant amount of energy and water. The whole process was completely effortless on our part and the impact is huge. Thanks, Friday for educating us and implementing these changes in our lives!”

Carrie S. - San Francisco 

"Friday made the daunting task of finding the right bulbs a breeze - there are so many options! She did most of the work when we weren't home and was diligent in ensuring that aesthetics remained consistent, which was very important for my wife. As a result of Friday's work I saw our out-of-control electricity bill drop dramatically and flat line." 

Connor O. - Berkley

"Friday is amazing! She helped our family make some simple swaps to reduce our energy bill and environmental footprint. She is a friendly and knowledgable guide and totally non-judgmental. We loved working with her, learned SO much, and feel so much better knowing that our home is greener, safer, and more sustainable. Can't wait to have her back to help us put together a green emergency kit!" 

Shira G. - Berkley

"Friday is terrific! I cannot say enough good things about how she helped us prepare our earthquake safety supplies. We started with only six very old 5-gallon water jugs and a small earthquake supply backpack from a KQED drive and now after working with Friday, we are totally set - with a trunk filled with 7 days supply of water and food, including for our dog!, and a comprehensive set of tools and first aid supplies! In addition, we've got a stuffed backpack for each car and one for the office. What a tremendous professional and perfectionist! Highly on to working with Friday on replacing the light bulbs...!" 

Barbara B. - Piedmont

"Ah! I'm obsessed with Friday! I found her after my coworker started walking around our office with a fancy new glass mug and glass straws talking about eliminating plastic in her home. She then started talking about how much money she was saving every month from all these new light bulbs and this custom emergency kit she was building for her family. So I reached out to Friday for the emergency kit information and ended up hiring her and now I'm obsessed with reducing my carbon footprint and creating a healthier household for my family. 

What I absolutely love is how easy she makes it to make changes. I think the task of going "green" in your home can seem daunting but with her report with links to everything makes it SO easy!! Honestly, a lot of the changes we have made so far are going to save us money! And she's not sponsored by anyone, just finds good companies for her clients. I could go on and on and on, it feels so good to have a plan and to be setting an example for my kids. I highly recommend you hire her!!!!" 

Jessica H. - Concord




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